Week 4, Days 1 and 2: ScriptCraft Hackathon, JQuery, and an ES6 Intro

November 22, 2016

Yesterday morning, we had a checkpoint over Express and Sequelize – a three-hour long evaluation of sorts to see where we were at in our understanding of the concepts and their usage. I spent the almost the past week reviewing and studying and ensuring I understood the ins-and-outs of things like setting up models with validations and getters and setters and class methods and instance methods and hooks, creating associations between models, handling routes, communicating with the database to create/update/read/destroy, and eager creation and loading.

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My First Hackathon: React, Git, and Working with Developers

October 24, 2016

This weekend was a big weekend for me. Here’s a shortlist of what I achieved: Made my first real pull request (and my second, and my third) Made my first open source contribution(s) Sort-of learned React Understood what a back-end developer actually does Created a semi-functional full-stack application from scratch with a small team Coded so much that my brain hurt by the end of the weekend Met some really, really cool people Ate a lot of tacos I did all this, and more, at Women Who Code Austin’s Second Annual Austin Diversity Hackathon.

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