Fullstack Reflections

Every New Beginning Comes from Some Other Beginning's End

February 23, 2017

Well, folks. Fullstack’s officially over. (In fairness, it’s been over for almost a week now, and I just haven’t quite gotten around to writing about it.) It’s…weird. You do this thing for 60+ hours a week for almost five months straight, and you see the same 15 other faces in little squares on your computer every day. And then you drink some wine and sit around with your classmates for a few hours and then on Monday you wake up and realize that you have all the time in the world.

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Junior Phase in Review

December 14, 2016

We’re six and a half weeks in, which also means we’re halfway done with Fullstack Academy. It’s still a little crazy to think about, and I’ve been having a little bit of trouble processing this in its entirety. In some ways, I feel like it was a week ago that we started, fresh-eyed, strangers to each other and the enormous world of programming, and eager to absorb the firehose of information that was about to be thrown at us.

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Week 5: Thoughts and Reflections

December 4, 2016

It’s been a slightly crazy week. I missed two days of class to attend Node.js Interactive North America, which was enormously fun and educational but also meant that I had two days of class to catch up on, in addition to staying on top of what we were learning every day. I’ve spent most of this weekend doing some preliminary review for our upcoming Junior Phase checkpoint. (Basically, our “final” exam.

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Week 3: Thoughts and Reflections

November 20, 2016

With a CS Saturday about functional programming, immutability, and Git under our belts, we’re officially halfway through Junior Phase. Um, what? Yeah, so, that’s a thing. The Week By the Numbers: Cups of coffee had: 5.5 Miles ran: 4 (ugh) Current length of to-do list: 37 Hours I’ve spent snuggling with/walking dogs: 3 For most of the immersive so far, I felt like I was at least sort of staying on top of things – I may have been struggling to tread water, but my head was still above the surface.

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Week 3, Days 2 and 3: On Feeling Completely Overwhelmed

November 16, 2016

Let’s talk about feelings for a second. I’m generally a very optimistic person with a decent amount of confidence in myself, my critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities, and my ability to stick with something when it’s challenging. I don’t like to dwell on the negatives, and I generally try not to let myself get too down. But today was kind of a sucky day. It didn’t start off that way. I woke up after six hours of sleep feeling a little sleepy, but feeling pretty good about most of the material we had covered in the past couple of days.

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Week 2: Thoughts and Reflections

November 13, 2016

The Week By the Numbers: Cups of coffee had: 4 Miles ran: 5.25 Current length of to-do list: 32 Hours spent in front of a computer: more than I’d like to admit (I didn’t actually keep track of this, but I think it’d be interesting and/or possibly slightly terrifying) Number of times I fell off the world or died in Minecraft: 0 Overall Thoughts The running theme this week was back-end work: Node, Express, and SQL.

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Week 1: Thoughts and Reflections

November 6, 2016

With a day on compiler theory and building our own parsers on Saturday, week 1 of my immersive experience at Fullstack (and of the junior phase) is officially over! Feelings I’m a little overwhelmed. We’re learning A LOT every single day, and I haven’t felt like I’ve truly absorbed (or even understood!) all of it yet. What’s more, Fullstack deliberately makes its workshops challenging, and it’s very rare that we completely finish one and feel like we 110% understand what was going on.

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