Week 3, Day 1: Building a Wikipedia Clone

November 14, 2016

The past day has been a complete whirlwind of learning and figuring out why things are going wrong. We built a Wikipedia clone with the following features: A homepage that lists all the pages in the Wiki The ability to create new pages Page searching Tagging We started from the very beginning – a blank text editor, in which we required a bunch of modules, set up our middleware, enabled our Nunjucks rendering engine and created simple templates, and created and connected to our Postgres database.

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Week 2, Days 3 and 4: SQL, Election Chat, and Revisiting Our Twitter Clone

November 10, 2016

I don’t understand how it’s almost the end of the week already. Time is literally flying. We’ve spent the entirety of the past two days focused on databases, which has been a nice blast to the past – as a relatively recent data analtyics consultant, it’s been nice working with SQL again, albeit in a slightly different manner. We started Wednesday with manipulating the IMDB database with SQLite. We did a lot of selecting, counting, joining, grouping, and sorting.

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Week 2, Day 2: Building a Twitter Clone with Node.js and Express

November 9, 2016

We built a Twitter clone app with Node and Express, and wanted it to have the following: A place to store data (nothing fancy yet – just an object will do) A homepage that lists all tweets from all users A profile page that displays a specific user’s tweets A form to post new tweets (and as an extra bonus, enable it to update in real-time for all clients connected to the server at the time) Initializing the Project First, we set up a twitter-js directory, and ran git init and npm init.

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Week 2, Day 1: Node-Shell Workshop, Express, and Advice from People Who Sort of Know What They’re Doing

November 8, 2016

I started off my day with watching a fantastic talk about event loops, and then briefly looking at a Code Wars problem. I’ve done a few Code Wars problems in the past, but we’ve now been incentivized — if we reach 4 kyu (for those who aren’t familiar, that just refers to a certain level) by the end of Junior Phase, we get a cool shirt. And a lot of knowledge and practice.

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