Data Structures

Week 1, Day 3: Binary Search Trees and Creating a JavaScript Library

November 2, 2016

We started off the day attempting to implement binary search trees and hash tables. We implemented our binary search tree with a linked list. We started by creating two constructor functions, one called BinarySearchTree and one called Node - our original approach was to create the root node as an instance of BinarySearchTree, and then for each node off of it to be an instance of Node. However, we didn’t realize that each node of the tree should also effectively its own tree, so we were getting errors left and write about how things couldn’t be found.

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Week 1, Days 1 and 2: Introductions, Make Your Own Adventure Game, Data Structures, and Hot Seat

November 1, 2016

Though our cohort technically started at the end of September with 4 weeks of Foundations, October 31, 2016, marks my first day of Fullstack Academy’s Remote Immersive. The first half of the day was dedicated to introductions from everyone and an orientation outlining everything to come. I’m excited to get to know everyone in my cohort better, and I’m interested to see if Fullstack can replicate their in-person experience and if so, how they do it.

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